Ahoy! Welcome to the Haven of YCBR!

Yacht Club Records is an independent record label, which dwells in the substreams of the electromagnetic seascape. YCBR has released two compilations, which present seaworthy electronic music of different genres from Finnish, Norwegian, Swiss and British artists.

Tune in on many a site, where Yacht Club is anchored, and redeem the treasures! On most of the sites the releases are available as free downloads. For the best quality versions see Registry, where the cover art is also available.

Yacht Club releases are now on Bandcamp.

May the winds be fair with you,

The Crew.

Marine News

YCBR is on the lookout for new music!

Pirate Radio

Tune in to the frequencies of Yacht Club, and let yourself immerse in the delights of sonic sea travel!

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deck (at) yachtclub fi


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