About YCBR

What is this?
Yacht Club Records is an independent record label, which specializes in all kinds of interesting music and creations – so far the interest has been focused on electronic music. Yacht Club Records has ports in Helsinki/Finland and Lancaster/UK.

Who are you?
Yacht Club was founded in 2002 by Mikael Neiberg (Artist and musician), Antti Saario (Lecturer at Lancaster University on Music Technology), Ville Raitio (Visual media professional) and Janne Särkelä (Sound designer and producer).

Yacht Club are the Artists who so far have appeared on the records as well as You, the dear listeners and supporters, who share the voyage on the aural seas.

What’s the deal?
Our financial department seems to rely more on utopian-idealistic than capitalistic principles. It’s a niche market, but the ship keeps steaming on. We have imagined the ship to be a gigantic ocean liner or a vast oil tanker. It’s a passion, not a business.

How active is your shipyard?Club Boat
Once enough gold has been acquired the navy will be expanded. The first ship was finished in 2003, the next in 2007.Following this schedule the third release would happen in 2011. It will be sooner than that however, if the winds are good. The planning for the next release is an on-going discussion, which keeps on surfacing.

Are you going to release anything else than compilations?
Yes. However, we take our fishing seriously enough and will not be releasing whatever floats on or is submerged in the sea.

I’d like to get released, is it possible?
Sure. We will be looking for material once the decision has been made about the next release. News will be posted on the site when things have been settled and we are on the lookout. By connecting with us through the sites where we have anchored, you are first to know.

Profit/production sharing agreements are also possible. We are able to professionally master and design releases.

One of the boats on this page floats on land, why is that?
It’s floating on the waves of vibrations that represent themselves as land to the observer. Our ships will guide you in and on this sea of mystery…

Marine News

YCBR is on the lookout for new music!

Pirate Radio

Tune in to the frequencies of Yacht Club, and let yourself immerse in the delights of sonic sea travel!

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