Yacht Club Records is looking for submissions for a release.

Yacht club crew is having some plans to make new release in next year 2014. This time ship is going to sail to the far away stars in a space and other way it will dive deep deep on the ocean floor…with all the weird creatures that has never seen the day light.

The working title is Terminal III. The double-release will consist of a digital part and selected works on LP vinyl.

Past releases: http://yachtclubrecords.bandcamp.com/

Contact: deck () yachtclub fi

Perhaps not so surprisingly the piece that started in 2000 is still going on. 639 year long piece is an adaptation of Organ²/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) by John Cage. The piece is performed by an automated organ at St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt, Germany.

The current playing note is streamed on the ASLSP project page.

The project naturally makes it into the Yacht Club Records’ Exquisite picks.

We in the Scandinavia are now blessed by the ashes from our Icelandic friends. How would a Volcano sound like? Videos on YouTube are numerous, but here’s a true treasure from the past – The only audio recording of Mt. St. Helens Eruption.

The link takes you to Freesound.org and to a recording 140 miles from St. Helens. The otherwordly and menacing low frequency soundscape is silently deafening.

“May 18 was a beautiful sunny morning, and as we were eating breakfast we heard several distant “thuds” or booms. We went outside, and noticed that they were coming from the north. We had no idea what they were, and since Mt. St. Helens was so far away, we “knew” it could not be the mountain. But in the back of my mind I thought, “could it be?”. So I grabbed a tape recorder and set it in a window box upstairs on the north side of the house. This recording is an excerpt of what I captured.” – daveincamas

YCBR recently used the opportunity to get some airplay through Jango – listeners around the world have been touched by the Club Mystique.

Yacht Club Records on Jango

Listen to the voices from the depths of the ocean, where Yacht Club Records was born too: Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment

The project categorizes and records sounds of the sea from all over the world.

New winds are gathering. Stay tuned.

Website has been renovated…

A track released on the premiere Yacht Club Records album has been chosen as the Download of The Week 03 on Fairtilizer. Enjoy Teich by Unisaurus:

Unisaurus – Teich
YCBR on Official.fm

“Feel the need to be in a place that makes you feel safe? This should help.” – Official.fm

“Today the all city is frozen…It’s the perfect weather to stay home and listen to the premiere release of Finnish Yacht Club Records.” – sDc, Le Gouter

The hyperdelic party was held at a penthouse place in the center of Helsinki.

Pictures / Luonne set / Sarana set

YachtClub Records Pallomeri flyer

At a street café you observe the passing life, which you enjoy inspired by the molecules of your favorite drink, like it was an organic part of you, what it actually is. The faceless passersby smile in their minds, as if they knew a great secret, which you silently share under the shadows of light.

Dark alleys take the consciousness to another reality: in the night no one knows for sure who you are, and the uncertainty is tangible. All of this you share in the moment when the gazes meet, and the steps beat a slowly phase shifting, interferencing rhythm.

Endless vibrating fabric of individual beats forms the concept of your reality, which is undulated by the unseen, non-observable forms of light, which create in it a steady pulse. Unconsciously some atomic lattice vibration generates the frequency of your existence, the frequency which everyone follows, and so are never late.

Events arise and perish; are in constant change from one form to another, which are longed for and loved. The scent of your drink disperses to the atmosphere, which you breath, which the others breathe, together with the flora, which has been imprisoned in reservations and sanctuaries to beautify and improve the atmosphere of the peak accomplishes of the humanity, which without it is incomplete and oppressive.

Light twinkles through the curtain of vapor, dust and soot, and scintillates in the after rain freshness as well, always present. The machines count, process and tirelessly assemble what has been squeezed from the light, and formed out of space. A moment yet, and freedom dawns, and one can again close the eyes, relax at the familiar street café, immerse in life and the unique perceivable reality.

The music ends, illusions are shattered and again you open your eyes, continue your journey, and are alive yourself too.

From the press release of Muu

“MUU ry presents the Muumaanantai event again on Monday 3rd November 2003. Earlier the programs have varied from theatre to music, dance and performance art. This time the focus is on experimental electronic music.

The event is organized as a collaboration with Yacht Club, an independent record label and a collective of four sound and visual artists: Antti Saario, Janne Särkelä, Ville Raitio and Mikael Vallgren-Neiberg.

Yacht Club will also be presenting their first album at the event, “Alkumeri vol 1″, which is a collaboration-cd by finnish electronic music composers who haven’t yet published their music.

Many of the artist featured on the album will also be performing at MUU gallery from 12 to 9pm.

The music will continue as an endless stream all day.

12am-5pm Sarana
5-6pm Mika Rintala & Co
6-7pm Komu, USO, Sakura
7-8pm Yacht Club Alkumeri vol 1 cd collection
8-8:30pm Jarkko Räsänen
8:30-9pm Tomplex”

A little water-lily floated serenely over a near infinite collage of water molecules, and together with water the little lily formed an electromagnetic union. The uncertainty of their existence was for them only an illusion, for they knew, that deep down they were connected and one.

They enjoyed the radiance of the day. The lily greatly liked the water, because it was warm place to be still long into the night, while it kept the lily’s veins flowing with all the lily needed. The water liked the lily, because its vibrance transferred the radiance of the day into life, which so prospered in its depths, forever.

And from the very union of light and matter, from the lighter than light glitter that tingled through the water and the water-lily, music begin to rise. And it became the Primordial Ocean, from which all of the life evolved. Many cycles of lightness and darkness later it materialized into a shimmering disc.

The shimmer was only understandable by a form of light, the very compressed and coherent vibration of particles, which weren’t sure which were they, matter or energy. The answer, they thought, must be in the very things they perceived, in the self itself.

The veins of the disc were full of sceneries; the very history of the original union. So clearly was it displayed, that it must be the answer. But oh, the particles thought, it’s an illusion. There is no answer but to flow, and let go. They approximated their existence into a perfection, and presently mediated what they had found.

It is YCB-001 Alkumeri (Primordial Ocean), Dear Listener, an album released by Yacht Club Records in 2003. Various Nordic Artists of electronic music present their approximation of existence.

Why not tune in, promote and let the quest continue. Support the source, and you will be rewarded. It might not be instantaneous, but little by little your life will be filled with radiance, and have the tone of your liking.

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